About BCDI Tech

BCDI Tech is a service-oriented company that works with clients to deliver the solutions they need. We work with clients to identify and understand the business challenges that can be addressed by our services. We then focus on delivering results which address those needs and improve business workflows. We also take great pride in delivering excellent service and quality solutions.

We primarily work with web technologies but can also provide mobile applications, desktop applications, system automation an other solutions as needed. Whatever the challenge is, we work to find a solution.

About Brandon

Brandon is a driven developer passionate perfecting his craft. As a professional learner, he is constantly deepening his knowledge in the technologies he works with regularly and learning about new technologies and trends in the in the industry.

When not coding

Brandon loves to code which he does as much as he can, but he also volunteers for a local animal rescue. You may find him saving bunnies or spending time with them. You may also pass him on his bicycle as he peddles through the miles. At night, you'll find him looking up at the stars, learning about and studying what's out there.

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