Passion-driven Solutions

Custom Development

Whether it's a new website or a custom module to integrate with your existing system, we can provide the solution.

Mobile Apps

Engage your members. Spread your ideas. We can work with you to create that cross-platform mobile app that you've always needed.

Patriot Integration

Need your new system or module to integrate with Patriot? We have deep experience helping Greek clients with that.

Custom Module Integration

We can help develop and integrate the new functionality into your existing properties in a seamless fashion to extend your brand without fragmentation. We can also help connect the dots of separate systems into a united user experience.

App Development

When a new application is required in the browser, on the desktop or on a mobile device, we can help from design to delivery to create the solution that meets your business's specific and unique needs.

Patriot-Integrated Events System

  • Fully Integrates with Patriot's Events/Conventions module
  • Highly customizeable and embeddable
  • Can benefit fraternity and foundation
  • No hidden fees or commission on payments

What Our Clients Say

Why did you contract with BCDI Tech over the competition?

BCDI Tech’s services are very attractive since their experience contains history with the foundation of our base system Patriot. This allows for easy communication and understanding of our goals and easy implementation of our current platform.


What is the primary value that BCDI Tech brings to you?

Development of tools and features that make staff life easier and our member’s user experience better. The price offered, thoroughness of project discovery, and willingness to think outside the box to find solutions to for our needs made the decision easy.


Why will you contract with BCDI Tech again in the future, if at all?

Because I know I can come to Brandon with a poorly defined problem and walk away with a clearly defined and successfully implemented solution at a price that fits my budget.