Patriot-Integrated Events System

Do you need a way to set up event registrations which integrate with Patriot? Do you want those payments to be processed by your own payment processor instead of a 3rd party taking a percentage? Do you want this system to be able to be branded and embedded into your own website for a seamless user experience? Do you want your events to be highly customizeable? Do you want events that can be registered to benefit either the fraternity (as a payment) or the foundation (as a donation)?

Introducing the Patriot-Integrated Events system -- it does all of this and more. No more importing or exporting data from a 3rd party system. No more setting up and managing events in 2 separate systems. No more extraneous hidden fees. No more frustrations that you can't configure your event just as you'd like it.

  • Fully Integrates with Patriot's Events/Conventions module
  • Saves all registration and payment data back to Patriot
  • Can be embedded in your existing website, the Officer Portal or Member Portal, or used as a stand-alone site
  • Can process registrations as payments or as donations to benefit the foundation
  • Highly customizeable event setup and configuration
  • Custom workflows can be implemented upon successful registration
  • Free event setup to track registrations
  • Custom registration packages as well as ala carte event items
  • UDF integration to futher customize the registration

The Patriot-Integrated Events system can be purchased and used in perpetuity. It would be installed and hosted on your server so you are in full control. Other licensing and hosting options are also available. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.